About Us

Euro-Asia is the largest manufactures and distributor in the field of Electrostatic air-cleaner system production in Taiwan. Our products are used in a wide range of applications, extensively found in institutional environments such as, industries, hotels, restaurants, universities, colleges, offices, homes and research laboratories. We promote our products under our own brand name called “ Euro Asia ”in the local market.

Our commitment is to ensure rapid response to customers needs with quality industrial products together with exceptional service and value. With remarkable success in sales and growth in production of volume, Euro-Asia is now a leading role aspect of Electrostatic Precipitator manufacturing in Taiwan. We earned this reputation by continuously providing the most innovative design, exceptional quality and the excellent after sales service.

In addition, we provide engineering and application assistance to help customers optimize their air-cleaner system applications. Our sales engineers are dedicated specialists in Electrostatic Precipitator technology.

We believe our combined expertise, product range and exceed our customer’s expectations is provided to ensure customer’s satisfaction as well as is the driving force in our company’s success.